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Tibon Veal

Tibon Veal is the leading brand in the frozen meat market in Israel. Tibon Veal imports, purchases locally, processes, distributes and markets frozen, refrigerated, fresh and processed meat (including chicken and turkey).

Tibon Veal specializes in meat and poultry: grilled meat products – as hamburgers, kebabs, steaks, sausages, skewers, and more. Ground meat products – as beef, lamb, veal, turkey and chicken. Meat products for cooking – as calf goulash, roasted veal, faux-filet, kishke, roast beef, and so on, instant meals – shawarma (chicken, turkey), readymade schnitzel, chicken rings and more.

Tibon Veal prizes quality, professionalism, variety and flexibility. All meat products are produced adhering to the highest of quality standards.