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About Neto

The Neto Group, founded in 1940 by the late Mr. Meir Ezra, is one of the five leading food conglomerates in Israel. The group’s main goals are: to contribute from its extensive knowledge in product adaptation, saving time for its customers, staying on-trend with new market developments, providing value for money, keeping up with health and fitness trends, and most important satisfying its customers' needs.

Neto activity originated as a meat importer, authorized by the British Mandate of Palestine. Over the years, the company has been busy developing new products, acquiring new companies and penetrating new areas of activity in order to adapt its products for the Israeli palate.

Today, Neto imports, produces, markets and distributes a wide variety of high quality kosher and tasty edible products under several own brands and third party brands. Neto does this mainly because of its great love for cooking, food, innovation, taste and style. The Group's main brands include:

Neto – The group’s primary brand:


Tibon Veal – The company’s meat products brand, which includes import, local purchase processing, distribution and marketing of frozen, refrigerated, fresh and processed meat.

Delidag – Neto’s fish products brand, which includes the import, local purchase, processing, distribution and marketing of frozen, fresh, live and smoked fish under the Norwegian brand Sterling.

Williger – The canned food and grocery product brand, which includes canned tuna, canned fruits and vegetables, and groceries such as rice and pasta.

Three Bakers – Deals in frozen baked goods and the production, import, distribution and marketing of pizzas, and local products like bourekas, malawach, jachnun, pastries and more.

Magic – Manufacturing, importing, marketing and distribution of readymade meals.

Rich’s – a USA products brand used for the import of finished whip cream products, dairy product and nondairy products and distributed exclusively in Israel by Neto.

Neto imports directly and distributes for third parties, a wide range of finished products under various internationally known brands, such as cheese from France under the President brand, Philadelphia cream cheese, Mlekpol dairy products, St. Dalfour  100% fruit marmalades to mention some.

The Neto Group’s headquarters, logistics center and a some of its plants are situated in the industrial area of Kiryat Malachi. The company has several other plants situated across the country, all of which operate under strict quality standards, ensuring the best products and highest quality.

Neto owns and operates cold storages with vast capacity to handle frozen and chilled products, it's main cold storage as a capacity of 630,000 cubic feet.