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Delidag imports, purchase locally, processes, distributes and markets frozen, fresh, live and smoked fish. The Delidag fish products are manufactured at the highest level of quality, with meticulous attention to taste, freshness, and quality.

Delidag owns a plant for the processing water fish as well as imported fish. The plant is located in the industrial area of Beit She’an, on the shores of lake Galilee providing employment for residents of Beit She'an and the region, and complies with all the required standards and strict regulations.

The Delidag brand was created out of love for food in general and for fish and its products in particular. Delidag specializes in raw materials – whole fish, fish fillet, and a variety of fish steak; including coated and readymade fish products, seafood-like products (kosher), fish cutlets, and so on. Delidag also specializes in fish salads such as herring and ikra (taramasalata).